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Alone with Your Thoughts
by Marau Garcia

The art piece I have created consists of four rooms, each room expressing how empty homes can be in the time of quarantine as a sense of disconnection from the outside world. On the walls of these rooms, there are text messages that represent the person that is living in each room. The text message bubbles reflect the sense of connection in the time of quarantine where one can facetime, text, zoom, and actively express that we miss those we care about and it also conveys the character’s fears and insecurities that have grown throughout the duration of their self-isolation, and in a sense how they have felt trapped in this room. My art piece revolves around mental health awareness in the age of Connection & Disconnection of Quarantine. Many UCSD students have been affected by this pandemic due to struggling with academics, loss of loved ones, mental well being, and self-isolation. I think it is very important to acknowledge the mental health issues that students are going through. I want the work I build to remind students that they are not a robot, not alone and that their emotions are valid during these times.

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