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Trayendole Vida a las Flores Muertas (brining life to dead flowers)
by Lidia Vazquez

Part 1.jpg
Part 2.jpg

My creation process was made to mimic our transition from mediums to be able to connect with others during quarantine. I began my pieces using traditional manual techniques and materials such as gouache, and acrylics. (symbolizing pre-quarantine, a traditional time of being in-person). Secondly, I used collage to demonstrate an aspect of digital technology but not completely immersed in it (representing before everything went remote and online). Finally, the last component was done using digital art ( representing once in quarantine immersed in technology).

My first piece deconstructs the emotions and feelings of loss and disconnection I felt throughout the pandemic. Although my piece is very blue the heart on the center is illuminated demonstrating the hope and love that still shines through experiencing love. On the bottom left hand side there is an outline of a father and child on top of a Cempasuchil, a traditional Mexican flower that is used in altars to honor the dead. This symbolizes the lives of many loved ones which we lost during the pandemic.

My second piece tries to convey the happy and warm feelings that arise from memories and thoughts. The ball in the center was constructed by small fragments of magazine cutouts that have light colors. These pieces symbolize a web of memories and positive attributes that are constructed through the course of one's life.

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